Frequently Asked Questions

A: No, but your pet should already be well-adjusted to their home environment before training begins. While there are no minimum or maximum size limitations, it's recommended your pet be at least twelve weeks old. Also, keep in mind that an old dog can learn new tricks!

A: With our gentle training method, most dogs are completely trained in about 6 days. This is when you get the training package that offers complete training. Our gentle training techniques greatly reduce the time it takes to train your pet and are more humane than our competitors' training methods. If you decide to complete the training yourself, it will take up to 2 weeks.

A: No, we are not. However, as independent contractors, we can provide services and products for other pet containment brands, including product upgrades, replacements, exchanges, trade-ins, and repairs.

A: The correction used is harmless and humane, just enough to startle your pet, nothing more. The amount of energy used in a correction is no more than that produced by a carpet's static shock.

A: No. If you have an aggressive dog, we will not sell or install an electric dog fence unless it is to be used in conjunction with a pre-existing wooden or chain-link fence. We do not recommend the use of corrections with aggressive dogs, and instead suggest you seek your veterinarian's advice for alternative methods.

A: Usually the battery will last from 5 to 8 months, but this will vary depending on how often your dog tests the boundaries. When the batteries are low, an indicator light will flash so you'll be able to change the batteries before they expire.

A: For both concrete and asphalt driveways, we use a concrete saw to cleanly cut out a small expansion joint. The boundary wire is then inserted into this joint, and we re-seal it with the existing material when finished.

If your asphalt driveway lacks a sidewalk or curb joint, we will make a fresh, clean cut across the driveway surface at your preferred location. Our straight saw cut provides a clean look that becomes less apparent over time with regular driveway seal coating.

Also, where our wire comes out from the garage wall, we use conduit to protect your fence from mowing or weed-eating.

Rest assured, we will install the boundary wire across your driveway in the most professional and inconspicuous manner possible. Let us know if you have any other concerns regarding this process.

A. This is the number one thing that sets us apart from any other company that we compete with.

Most large companies, over time, start having their most senior employees work in the office, or they leave to take jobs elsewhere. The experience and knowledge no longer shows up at your front door.

With Indiana Hidden Fence, I personally go to every job site with my over 25 years of experience. My installers all have at least five years or more of experience. I personally train every employee to make sure every fence lives up to the unmatched Indiana hidden fence standard. This benefits you greatly on your installations as you will have a fence that holds up to most activities that you will do around your property.

This experience also saves you money on the rare occasion that you do have a repair that falls outside our warranty. When other companies send out less experienced technicians to repair your fence, they may take 2 to 4 hours to repair something that would take us 45 minutes. You then end up with a much larger bill for that same repair. Experience matters.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions about the superior experience that you will get with Indiana Hidden Fence.

A. Yes, with our Complete Professional Alpha Dog package, where we do the training for you, we provide a full one-year money-back guarantee to ensure you have a risk-free opportunity to test our hidden fence system with your dog(s). This allows you to confirm it is the best containment solution for your needs.

To be eligible for a refund, we simply require that you remain in communication with us and notify us promptly of any containment issues that arise. This gives us a chance to resolve the problem effectively.

If we do not hear from you about containment problems during the year and you choose not to allow us to help, our refund policy covers a prorated amount for the used equipment only. A representative will come to recover the equipment and disable the wiring.

Please note that any long-distance job fees charged are non-refundable, as the equipment portion is the only refundable cost.

We stand behind our products and services, and this one-year guarantee demonstrates our commitment to your complete satisfaction.

A. At Indiana Hidden Fence, we confidently offer the most competitive pricing without sacrificing quality or customer service. We utilize top-brand electronics, premium wiring, and connectors, yet our published prices undercut even the non-published rates of our best-known competitors for comparable systems, features, and guarantees.

If you receive a lower written quote from a competitor for their premium installed system with advanced features, we will beat that price with our Micro rechargeable system and provide additional value-added features they don't offer.

For basic system installations with similar features and guarantees, we'll beat any competitor's price by $50 when installing our Pet Stop® PCC200 Pro system.

To ensure an accurate side-by-side comparison, we simply ask that you provide the details or a copy of their quote.

As an independent, local, family-owned business working directly for our customers rather than shareholders, we can offer superior pricing flexibility. Our competitive rates, combined with exceptional products and service, allow us to earn customers' trust and referrals.

Let us know if you have any other pricing questions! We're committed to complete pricing transparency and delivering the best overall value for your investment.

A: We provide two types of warranties to accompany our transmitters, receivers, and wire installations:

  1. Parts Warranty: This covers the replacement of a transmitter or receiver at no cost to you if either component becomes inoperative within a specified period.
  2. Installation Warranty: You may find some companies that will warranty their installation for up to one year. At Indiana Hidden Fence we provide an unmatched 10-year wire warranty. We guarantee that you can aerate your yard, edge your driveway or walkway, and even dig in your existing flowerbeds and never worry about paying to repair your line. This guarantees that you will not be charged for labor and materials required to address wire breaks or other repairs resulting from installation-related issues. No other company has installed a fence according to the Indiana hidden fence standard.

A: With GentleSteps™ Training, we can begin working with puppies as young as 12 weeks old.

The optimal time to start training a puppy to a hidden fence is when their curiosity prompts them to pull you around the yard in exploration.

Our lowest GentleSteps™ training level utilizes a gentle "tickle," which is gentle enough even for the most sensitive puppies.

This gentle sensation, coupled with the audible tone and the presence of boundary flags, engages all three senses simultaneously.

Puppies quickly grasp this concept and eagerly respond to positive reinforcement as they learn to turn away from the flags and return to the safe zone, enjoying the attention and the process of learning.

A: We take pride in employing the exclusive GentleSteps™ training method for pet training.

GentleSteps™ stands as the safest and most humane training method available today. It begins with gentle, tickle-like stimulation levels to acquaint your pet with the boundary. Gradually, the correction level increases as they learn and encounter real-life distractions.

Upon completion of GentleSteps™ training, most dogs exhibit a remarkable reluctance to leave their yard. From the initial on-leash training to the eventual off-leash enjoyment of their yard, we demonstrate the safety and control inherent in the process.

Occasionally, some dogs may prove to be particularly stubborn. In these rare instances, we have the option to temporarily configure their receiver for extended correction. This provides them with a singular experience that reinforces respect for the boundary. This approach underscores our commitment to promoting products that are genuinely safer and more humane, ensuring containment even for the most determined "escape-artist" dogs.

Our Complete Professional Alpha Dog Package provides comprehensive training without requiring your direct involvement if preferred or if circumstances prevent your participation. We also offer this package with a one-year 100% money-back guarantee.

A: Pet Stop® Brand and Indian Hidden Fence operate independently and are not affiliated with Invisible Fence® Brand.

Our systems offer unmatched patented features and expert training methods that set us apart. Exclusive to Pet Stop® Brand and their dealers are innovative products and services like GentleSteps™ training, our Micro Rechargeable Receiver with Bluetooth connectivity, and the Diagnostic Testing Feature.

Our customizable systems boast an impressive 99.6% successful containment rating, the highest in the industry. Established in 1992, the Pet Stop® Brand is led by a team of industry pioneers with unparalleled experience and a genuine passion for pets.

Fun fact: John Purtell, President Ameritus of Perimeter Technologies® and Pet Stop® Brand, was the original owner of Invisible Fence® Brand and coined the term "Invisible Fence®." He purchased a patent in 1976 and later transformed the technology into Invisible Fence® until he sold his interest in 1993.

After his non-compete agreement expired, Purtell re-entered the pet containment industry, eventually joining forces with Bob Slattery to establish Pet Stop®. Today, the Invisible Fence® Brand is owned by a private equity firm specializing in Chinese manufacturing, which was acquired in 2020.

A: We guarantee our systems will effectively contain your dog under the following conditions:

1. The system is installed by our professionals.
2. You purchase the Complete Professional Alpha Dog package, where we train your dog for you.
3. It is operated and maintained according to our instructions.
4. You promptly notify us of any issues so we can diagnose and resolve them quickly.
5. The appropriate receiver is selected for your dog's temperament.

The guarantee covers our time and on-site assistance in finding the proper setting combination to ensure containment. However, it does not cover the cost of upgrading to a stronger receiver if that is deemed the best solution.

Since you control the system settings, there may be situations where you need to provide key details to help us identify and address any escape issues.

If, after exhausting all of our technology and training, we are not able to keep your dog safely on your property, you'll receive a full refund within the first year.

Our only requirement is that you stay in communication with us about any problems and allow us to help resolve the issues.

A: Not sure which layout design will work best initially? No problem! We understand you may want to adjust the layout after using the system for a month or so, just like trying on new shoes before deciding to keep them.

That's why we offer one free layout change within the first 3 months - converting a non-zoned layout to a zoned layout or vice versa. Please note this does not include blocking off garden areas, major customizations, or alterations beyond a simple zoning change.
If any neighbor disputes the claim the wire was installed on their property, we will relocate it at no cost. However, we highly recommend discussing property lines with your neighbors prior to installation to prevent potential conflicts. Most can identify boundaries without an official survey.

If unsure about your property lines, we advise installing the wire well within your estimated boundary to be safe, as we cannot determine these lines for you. County GIS mapping resources can provide accurate aerial imagery to verify boundaries.

Our goal is to ensure you're completely satisfied with the final layout design for effective pet containment. Don't hesitate to take advantage of the free adjustment if needed in those first few months.

A: Yes, our hidden fence systems can effectively contain cats, though some additional customization is usually required. Since cats can climb trees and other elevated areas that dogs cannot access, we carefully designed the layout to keep the boundary wire away from any potential escape routes.

The key factor is your cat's receptiveness to training and their response to the hidden fence system. With proper conditioning, many cats learn to respect the boundaries.

If outdoor containment is not the primary goal, we also offer indoor transmitters that are highly effective for keeping both cats and dogs away from designated indoor areas, such as furniture or rooms.

Our team will work closely with you to determine the optimal solution for your home and pets' needs, whether that involves customizing an outdoor perimeter for your cat or exploring indoor deterrent options. Feel free to contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

A: Yes, we provide optional sprinkler system coverage that can be included in your package. If we accidentally damage any sprinkler heads, water lines, or control wires from professional-grade irrigation systems like Rain Bird®, Toro, or Hunter Industries during the installation process, we will repair it at our expense or pay for prompt repairs by a reputable company of our choosing.

This coverage ensures any unintentional sprinkler system damage caused by our work will be resolved in a timely manner at no additional cost to you. We simply ask that you notify us as soon as any issue is discovered so we can take corrective action.

If you feel comfortable marking all sprinkler head locations prior to our arrival, this can help avoid potential damage during installation. In that case, you may opt out of the sprinkler coverage.

Our goal is to provide a hassle-free installation experience. This optional protection gives you added peace of mind, safeguarding your irrigation investment while allowing us to uphold the highest standards of workmanship and customer service.

A: GPS is a viable option for tracking purposes only. For containment, however, we believe a wired, in-ground hidden fence provides the most reliable and consistent containment solution for residential properties.

GPS containment systems have significant limitations you should be aware of. These companies disclose that their products can have a +/- 15-foot range of accuracy on either side of the set boundary line. This means your dog could potentially roam up to 15 feet past your property line before being corrected.

For many homeowners, allowing that much potential buffer extends well into neighbors' yards or even the street, posing safety risks. The accuracy and adjustability of our wired fences ensure your dog is contained precisely within your desired boundaries.

The inconsistent information that dogs receive from a GPS system can also cause them to become afraid of the yard. 

You will also probably have to buy two receivers for each pet due to the fact that GPS is a significant battery hog and you will most likely need to charge your receivers daily. This also means that you will have to replace your receivers every few years when they are no longer able to take charge. 

Our top priority is providing effective pet containment while ensuring maximum safety and peace of mind. Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions!

A: We've streamlined the process of obtaining a personalized proposal to make it as convenient as possible for you. Simply click the "Get a Quote" button at the top of your screen to complete our online form. You can also enter this information into a text and send it to us at our main number, (812) 989-8989. This is the quickest and most efficient way to receive a price quote tailored to your needs.

If you prefer discussing your requirements with us over the phone before providing specific information, feel free to call or text our main number. Upon submitting your basic contact details, we'll promptly reach out to you.

Rest assured, your information is treated with the utmost confidentiality and will only be viewed by Indiana Hidden Fence

We will initially put together layouts and text them to you based on your feedback. When we get the design to your liking, we will then put together a quote based on that layout.

Once your proposal is prepared, it will be delivered to you via a phone call, during which we will thoroughly explain everything. It will be backed up with a text that details everything that was discussed.

We know everyone has busy schedules, and we know your time is valuable. We do not require you to have us out to do an in-person quote. Companies that do this in the dog fence industry are generally just trying to pressure you to sign a contract.

If you're comparing quotes from different companies, we respect your preferences and will communicate with you according to your instructions. We kindly request confirmation of receipt of our proposal, and we'll continue to follow up until we hear back from you.

We invite you to explore our reviews to hear what our recent customers have to say about their experiences with us.

If you prefer a phone conversation, please let us know, and we'll be happy to accommodate your request.


At our company, we strive to provide seamless and transparent service throughout the entire process. Our online "Get a Quote" system allows us to offer accurate and firm pricing based on the details you provide. 

For those concerned about unique property features, we offer an optional 20-30-minute Tech-Quick Visit prior to installation. However, many customers find this unnecessary, as our technician conducts a thorough walkthrough and discussion on the scheduled installation day.

Rest assured, if our technician determines that we cannot accommodate your pet containment needs, you are under no obligation to proceed. We have transitioned away from in-person sales visits to prioritize efficiency, competitive pricing, and superior customer service.

The shift towards digital commerce has influenced this change, allowing us to provide an industry-leading online experience. Customer feedback also indicates a preference for addressing questions via phone, text, email, or video rather than in-person meetings.

We honor our online quote prices, and if any errors are made on our part, we do not expect you to pay extra. Our average turnaround time from initial contact to installation is only 4-12 business days.

Customers choose us for our integrity, transparent pricing, and exceptional service. We look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate the value we offer and earn your business.

A: Absolutely. At Indiana Hidden Fence, we stand behind our proven pet containment systems with a 100% containment guarantee on our Complete Professional Alpha Dog package. With this package, we can have your dog trained within five sessions. We will spread the sessions out over a week and a half period.

However, even if you decide to go with our Standard Professional Beta Dog package, where we do the initial training session to evaluate your dog and get them off to an excellent start and then train you how to do the rest of the process, we can come out and figure out what your problem is in order to get your dog back to respecting their boundaries. With this package, you will do 14 sessions over seven days and then a different process the second week. You can even switch to a complete training package, as long as you have not turned your dog loose yet.

Let us know if you have any other questions! We're committed to making this a seamless process from installation to training and beyond.

Yes, we do offer cross-compatibility options for customers who originally purchased systems from other leading brands. While we try to avoid mixing components when possible, here are some key compatibility details:
Our transmitters can be programmed to work with these receivers:

* Invisible Fence® Brand 700 & 800 series
* DogWatch®
* DogGuard®
* PetSafe®

Our Micro rechargeable and Micro rechargeable Bluetooth receivers are compatible with:

* Invisible Fence® Brand 700 & 800 systems
* Boundary Plus® transmitters (configured to operate like 800 series)
* PetSafe® transmitters

The Micro Rechargeable with Bluetooth model's Bluetooth connectivity allows adjustments via smartphone app regardless of the transmitter brand.

For Perimeter® systems, any equipment requiring replacement must be the exact same model. For very old systems no longer available, we can often provide cost-effective new equipment solutions from our product lineup.

We also supply Invisible Fence® brand-compatible batteries designed by former engineers from that company.

Our team is highly knowledgeable about the latest pet fencing products and trends across brands. We'll work diligently to ensure your system operates optimally, regardless of brand, with the goal of delivering complete customer satisfaction.

Feel free to inquire about any other cross-compatibility questions! We're committed to providing effective solutions tailored to your needs.

Our standard pricing covers up to 1/2 an acre for any layout design you choose. This includes using our wire trenching equipment to safely install the boundary wire and establish your desired containment area.

For properties exceeding 1/2 an acre, an additional charge per foot using our 16-gauge boundary wire applies. You will be surprised how much you can add to your fence and how low the cost is. For example, you can double your area from a half acre to a full acre for only $350. 

If your layout requires excessive manual digging or hand placement of the wire (more than 20 linear feet), our technician will provide you with a quote for the additional labor costs. You can then decide if you want to proceed with that layout or simplify the design.

Please refer to our Custom Layout Diagrams for examples of how we can configure the system based on your property's characteristics.

Our goal is to accommodate your unique needs while remaining transparent about any potential acreage-related charges beyond that first 1/2 acre. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions!

A: Yes, we provide special indoor transmitters that can work alongside our outdoor pet containment systems. These transmitters create "hot spots" or exclusion zones within your home where your dog's or cat's outdoor receiver collar will activate, preventing them from accessing certain indoor areas as desired.
We offer two indoor transmitter models:

1. Battery-Powered - Uses a pulsed signal to regulate battery life.
2. Corded - Plugs into an outlet and produces a continuous, adjustable signal like the outdoor transmitters. This model can also create a portable boundary when used with a wire loop.

For optimal reliability, we recommend the corded indoor transmitter option.
If you're interested in adding indoor containment capabilities to your system, simply let us know, and we will add it to your quote. We'll include the indoor transmitter(s) in your installation proposal to provide a comprehensive solution for managing your pet's access, both indoors and out.

Let us know if you need any other details! We're happy to discuss the best configurations to accommodate your unique pet containment needs throughout your home and property.

We mostly use top-quality, 16-gauge direct burial wire encased in an extremely durable 45-mil protective jacket designed to provide years of uninterrupted service for residential properties.
Our professional installation process involves trenching the wire approximately 4-7 inches deep using proprietary machinery. A custom-designed blade cuts a precise incision into your turf, automatically feeding the wire behind it as we go.

In healthy, thick grass, you'll have a hard time even noticing where the wire was buried - the only visible clues may be subtle trail markers or tire tracks from our equipment.

If the protective wire casing does become damaged during installation, exposing the copper core to the elements can cause deterioration and breakage to occur within the first year. This is why we confidently back our workmanship and materials with a 10-year guarantee against any installation-related defects in the buried boundary wire.

Our meticulous installation methods combined with premium wiring help ensure an invisible yet robust boundary that will contain your pets for years to come. Let us know if you need any other details!

A: Not at all! We proudly offer the Micro Rechargeable & Bluetooth model receivers, weighing just 0.9 ounces - the smallest and lightest in the industry.

Despite their compact 0.9oz design, these receivers offer a broad range of adjustable settings to provide an appropriately mild stimulus for puppies yet remain powerful enough to contain even the most stubborn, high-prey-driven dogs.

For those seeking a budget-friendly option, Standard Rugged receiver at 1.3 ounces is still incredibly lightweight without sacrificing your pet's comfort or effective containment.

Regardless of the model, our receivers prioritize a discreet, low-profile fit to avoid weighing down or irritating your dog while reliably reinforcing boundaries. We'd be happy to discuss which lightweight receiver best suits your pet's size, temperament, and needs.

A: No, in over 25 years of business, I have never had our wire damaged by moles. Our heavy-duty wire is not affected by them.

Other systems, especially the DIY systems, come with very thin wires that can be susceptible to moles.

With our unmatched 10-year wire warranty, you do not have to worry about things like this. Let us know if you need any other details!

Certainly! All our receivers are designed to function flawlessly even when exposed to water. You can rest assured that whether your dog enjoys a splash in the pool or ventures out in the rain, our receivers ensure uninterrupted containment.

Our transmitters have been engineered to endure the temperature extremes commonly encountered in garages and basements, where the transmitter is often installed. This crucial feature sets our pet fence systems apart, as not all systems offer this level of durability. It's another testament to our commitment to prioritizing your pet's safety and well-being.

A: Our pet containment systems primarily utilize distance-based boundaries, but they do have the capability to operate on a time-based model through different setting adjustments.

Some competitors promote time-based boundaries, which aim to prevent pets from "running through" the boundary line. However, this requires administering extended correction stimuli as the pet breaches the boundary.

The vast majority of dogs effectively learn to respect the boundary perimeter without needing extended corrections. Our goal is to teach your pet to avoid challenging or crossing the established boundary through humane conditioning.

In the event your dog does test the boundary limits, our unlimited free phone support ensures our experts will guide you on making appropriate setting adjustments for your specific dog in the most humane manner possible.

Our systems offer a wide range of settings to accommodate both compliant dogs and stubborn, high-prey-drive dogs by tailoring the correction level as needed. While extended corrections are an available option if absolutely necessary to maintain boundaries, they are rarely required when following our proven training approach.

Let us know if you need any clarification on our boundary capabilities and humane training principles. Customizing the ideal containment solution for your pet's unique needs is our top priority.

When you choose either of our Micro Rechargeable model receivers, your battery cost is zero. You will charge these receivers every 1 to 4 weeks. They both have a red light that will flash when they are low, alerting you that they need to be charged.

However, if you decide to go with our standard Rugged receiver, you will change the battery in it every 4 to 8 months. You will, on average, go through two batteries a year, which will currently cost you less than $35 per pet per year. If you compare this to one of our largest competitors, who charge over $100 per year per pet, you can see that you will still have significant savings with Indiana Hidden Fence.