Our Story

For more than 25 years, Indiana Hidden Fence has been keeping pets safe. It all started when I, Mike McGehee, found two abandoned dogs in Kentucky. I grew up on a farm in Kentucky and later moved to Floyd County, Indiana. Since then, I've been dedicated to this cause.

Our Mission

One day, my wife Melissa and I found two lonely puppies near my parents' house. This sad moment made us want to protect pets even more. But these puppies, Jack and Jill, loved to roam around, which made regular fences useless. We needed a better solution.

The Venture

Even though I studied engineering and worked with computer networks, I wanted something more meaningful. Then, I discovered a special pet fence system. Instead of adjusting the width of the fence, it worked by how long the collar stayed activated. This discovery pushed me to leave my corporate job and start this business.

Our Passion

Jack and Jill's escapades were curtailed through meticulous testing and implementation, marking a watershed moment in our journey. Subsequently, recognizing the transformative potential of this technology, my wife and I decided to establish Indiana Hidden Fence as a testament to our shared passion for animal welfare.

Safety & Well-Being

Our ethos revolves around integrity, leveraging our familial roots and local presence to deliver unparalleled service to the community. As a family-owned enterprise deeply ingrained in Southern Indiana, we prioritize your pets' safety and well-being, mirroring our household's values. With a clientele spanning generations, we remain steadfast in ensuring your peace of mind and your pets' security, exemplifying the convergence of life's challenges into unforeseen blessings.